Friday, November 9, 2012

Porn Video Luna Maya

 Porn, what comes onto your mind when you hear that word?? In my opinion, everyone has their own porn side, whether they realize it or not. But how we express and expose this porn side should always be pondered in accordance to the norm in where we live, don’t we?
          Pornography becomes a part of art in some places in this universe. Regardless it is just a denial for the existing norm or just a made-up reason from those people who actually want to expose what socalled pornography. In response of the artificial reason, I consider that it’s just a made-up reason. Porn is just porn, in my own opinion. Some people expose their naked or vulgar photo for a public consumption with the reason of expressing their art side. But doesn’t it mean releasing too much
your animally (a word which I make by myself) side. How we can restrain our desire (including pornography exposure) is one thing which differentiates us and animal, I reckon.
          Concerning this, there is very sensational news on pornography in my home country, Indonesia, now. Luna Maya, a currently very famous artist, movie star, and presenter involves in a pornography case. A few days ago she was found on here porn video with Ariel, a famous band, Peterpan front-liner. Not only a sensual scene, but the short film is just totally a porn movie. The video is widely and quickly spreading. Nearly all people ever watched the video. Who doesn’t curious with the sort of sex scene from the people regarded as idol and famous public figure? Though, the video could not be downloaded right a few hours after the news spreading, but I reckon that it was too late. Once a person owned it, it will be spreading to his/her colleagues.
          Not only there, there was also another porn video released in the internet. This video is still involving Ariel Peterpan and another sensual famous artist, Cut Tari. In the video, again those two public figures are having a great time enjoying the sensation of having sex. There also, clearly heard their voice talking each other while they are having sex that I reckon is just so similar with their voice. They act as if they are husband and wife, freely exploring each other genital to achieve what is so called(may be)orgasm. They seem to enjoy it a lot (I don’t really know whether it is true).
          Interested to have the porn video?? Follow below link:

1st video

2nd video

          Anyway, in my personal opinion, having seen the both videos I found those people in the videos are just so similar with them, regardless they are really those artists or not. Without intention of showing that I am a porn observer or maniac, the way they act in the videos look just so professional (is it a correct diction??). Comparing with the some videos I seen before, the scene in these two videos are look so professional. It is true that the picture quality is not that good, and I think the video was taken from a mobile phone’s camera.
          What makes me a bit feeling pitty to hem is that their fame has now changed, from famous to infamous. Right after the videos and videos spreading, the advertisements stared by those three artists were pulled down. Posters and some other kinds of advertisement means were pulled down. This shows how the advertisers don’t want to take a risk of having their products sales influenced by these incidents. Yes, inevitable that this will some how influence the people’s view on even the products advertised by those artists. Some production houses even suspend the contract with them. they change them with some other artists on their program. At this point, this incident might be the beginning of their career’s demise. It’s a shame when what they have built from zero ruins because of a few minutes pleasure, isn’t it? What they have achieved before the incident was great enough. But after that, they seem to be public enemy. Special for Ariel,the front-liner of a famous band Peterpan, people even change his famous name into  Ariel Peterporn instead of Ariel Peterpan.
          I cannot judge and I don’t want to judge whether these videos are really stared by those artists. May be they took the video for such a personal file. But what makes it become a controversy is that consumers don’t really know who they are and whether they are officially husband and wife. Moreover, the figures are look so alike with those famous artists. That’s why this seems to be so booming and like a national problem.
          Since this kind of thing is law-breaking in Indonesia, those three famous artists are now investigated by the police. The police is now taking care of the case and trying to investigate the truth of the videos, whether those artist are really the stars or not. Therefore, we can only wait and see the ending whether this case will be finally revealed or vanish as the time goes by (like in most). Well, let’s wait and if you, guys have enough time or care enough with this sort of junk, so, follow the case!!

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